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…the Ceará Team is already released Tell them it’s not going to work, right? – No way, dude! – You’re laughing out of nowhere, right? you know, if you press his boobs you’ll get three of a kind Chenaud sent me a message Damn! Come on, dude!

What? – Where are you staying? – Right on this side. – There?

– Me too. What’s your table, dude? I’m among these dogs, there at the chicken house – Among dogs at the chicken house?

– Right over there! What, dude? No, there’s nothing inside! The chairs are all piled up! – They’re already disassembling – Wow, but it’s 2, 4 They’re praying for us to bust soon to disassemble that big screen 11 hours don’t exist, dude! Stop!

A short walk now There are 10 minutes left to start the Main Event DAY 4 I’ve already done my job in my bedroom searching about my table It seems to be a very good one I don’t know any players None of them have a high prize The one who has more chips compared to me has half of mine I have 828,000, there’s one guy with around 400,000 and many others in short So, apparently the table is really good But someone will probably bust right in the beginning And other players will come Let’s pray to remain this way And, of course, that the game flows I’ll chase this DAY 5 Let’s go Brazil! Main Event DAY 4 What’s up, folks? I’m recording now, one day after I busted at the Main Event Yesterday when I busted at the Main Event, I didn’t want to record Gustavão called me to record, but I wasn’t feeling it The most I could do was a Snap Informing everybody that follows me that I had busted It was a very sad moment Busting at the Main Event is a very sad moment I’m not a guy that suffers a lot from busting in tournaments Because this is my life, it’s part of the game, I’ll live it for the rest of my life But, busting at the Main Event is like being hit in the belly, the head starts dizzying It’s different, I guess it’s the only tournament in the year that I really suffer when I bust I busted and I went to the hotel I stayed with Anne, we watched Netflix That’s it! I woke up feeling better Everything’s turning normal again I’m already thinking of BSOP São Paulo, WSOP Argentina, WSOP Brazil, my head is already running high PSC Barcelona, I’m freaking out of thinking about the upcoming six months ahead It’s gonna be tough!

There are many good things ahead I’ll keep feeding my Snaps as I did during the whole WSOP Because it’s cool and I also follow other players So I think it’s cool to be there rooting for and following what the guy is doing It’s awesome! I love this tool! I’ll keep doing it! And I’ll go on! And I’d like to say GL to all Brazilians that are still playing There are many Brazilians playing yet I wish GL to all Brazilians Now it’s July, 9th It’s not November, 9th anymore…

I hope Brazilians can win, dude! It’s paying $8,000,000 Brazil, we must win! GL for all of us! Thanks for everything!

Let’s go! I’m already thinking about my next steps, folks! Brazil, here I go!

Hey, guys! $2,000,000 Main Event DAY 5 Less than 300 players left I made it with more than $2,000,000 The blind will return 10-20 tomorrow What does it mean? There are exactly 100 blinds to play! This is the table I’ll play tomorrow Table 1 Is this table that is broadcast live on TV? There’s a chance to be!

Table 1 – I’m here with Vascão! – Hey! We’ll be together tomorrow! Main Event DAY 5!

We’ll be back at 11, I’m gonna sleep and rest now To return full of energy tomorrow Less than 300 players We can make it, right Vascão? – Let’s go! – It’s a very good structure, it’s tranquil I have 20 blinds, but I can change it and return to the game Garridão has more blinds, he has more tools And we root for all Brazilians – I guess there are 5 or 6 Brazilians – Yeah! We’ll check the coverage now because we were in a rush and we couldn’t know it for sure – But it’ll be Brazil! Let’s go! – Let’s go Brazil!

I’m leaving my casino room now I’m going to the Main Event DAY 5 Yesterday was a very good day I kept a good amount of chips during the whole tournament with 200 blinds for a long time There was a time I dropped to 70 at least But I manage to go up again and I passed the day with 100 blinds My stack is in the 43rd position, between all 297 survivals, I’m tranquil There was a funny situation at the table yesterday There was a boy that was opening many hands, he was big and very active But at the Main Event we don’t play many hands like that We sometimes try to expose less But as I was on his left side, I realized… He was trying to impose that rhythm, so I started to flat and re-raise him a lot There was a hand that I re-raised K7 suited And when the hand finished I ended up hitting 7 And when we were in show down, while checking, he showed 77 and I mucked He asked dealer to see my cards It’s allowed by rules To avoid collusion, but nobody’s supposed to do this, it’s an old rule in Brazil From a time when everybody asked showdown, to see the cards each other had And we know it’s not right He asked and he called the floor Everybody that was at the table was complaining about him, telling he was wrong But the floor has to follow the rule He asked to see so you can see he was burned And I realized that he was trying to destabilize me I guess he thought I’d be upset about that situation and stopped or started to chase him with wrong hands But what happened? Nothing! I didn’t change my game in any ways I didn’t do anything different I wouldn’t let it interfere On the following hand he opened again hoping I would re-raised him, so he could re-raise again A level, a craziness… but it doesn’t exist in poker It can’t happen I got my head together with right thoughts Summarizing, the game kept going normal, I passed with a good amount of chip, so did he We’re there! Let’s go for this DAY 5! I’m passing by here to go to my room over there Brasilia, the last they keep mounted The one that has the TV Table, look how this one is now Pavilion, the biggest WSOP room with hundreds of tables Cash game, tournaments, parallel tournaments, there’s nothing left!

Let’s go! That’s it, guys! I’m starting the Main Event DAY 5 here And they changed our table The table 1, that is the table broadcasting on TV, the main one There are 3 ESPN TV tables, right?

One broadcasting the whole game, and two others that exhibit parts of the games And they changed They put 704, that was here, over there And the table 1 here, because someone famous might be playing at that table 704 Do I think it’s bad not to play at the ESPN table? Well, of course we like to be broadcast live on TV in Brazil So our friends can see us But the fact of not having anyone famous, someone good, with a lower level table, it’s better for me In spite of having searched online, the seat 4 and seat 5 over there, they already have bracelets And there’s a regular at the table as well So, it won’t be easy, I’m sure! But here we go! Focus and I’ll play at the TV table when I get to the FT Because it’ll happen anyway! Come one guys!

Root for me! -Well… – I can’t believe Garrido! It’s the last time I pass through this door GG Main Event! DAY 5, at the 161st place I tried everything I could, I made all my best, but it didn’t work!

I was big the whole tournament I was big, big in chips DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4 always close to 80-100 blinds I made a mistake when I called when the adversary had KK He opened and I re-raised, he only called my re-raise I ended up paying in the river He had KK and I could’ve never imagined… then I lost many chips in this hand The blind increased and I was managing my chips with 40 blinds I didn’t play some hands then 35 Until the moment the crucial hand came I was big the whole tournament and when I dropped to 35 blinds Which is not short, it’s enough yet When I was about to start playing this kind of game With other stack, other strategy, other everything KK came, UTG opened and I re-raised He 4-bet, that 4-bet came strong But it could be AK, QQ, there’s no way to fold KK preflop with 35 blinds I burst and he could pay AA Flop A with no chance With no outs, turn didn’t set anything, nothing happened and then GG Main Event! I tried everything I could If I hadn’t lost that previous hand, I still would be with 70-80 blinds I wouldn’t preflop KK If an A came on the flop it would save me, but this is how poker tournaments are It’s not played in split hands, it’s a sequence And it ended up this way But that’s okay! Let’s keep the chin up! It’s normal!

It’s part of the game! We don’t expect but it happens – Let’s keep going! Brazil, here we go! – GG Garridão!

What’s up, folks! I’m here to say goodbye today To say goodbye to this wonderful program I starred with my friend Rodrigo Garrido With Gustavo’s production, who is always behind the camera But helps us in every ways We spent 45 days in a row We arrived here on June, 1st And we’re leaving now on July, 15th It’s been a wonderful journey We worked a lot As well as inside the tables and outside, it was awesome! We feel an accomplishment feeling I’m really happy with my journey, of course! In the end we feel that hit on the belly, that let us down, it’s always sad to bust at the Main Event It’s the saddest tournament to lose Of the year, of the life But it’s part of the game, because we’ve been playing Main Events for long and we’ll keep doing it for life We need to get used to it, so let’s keep the chin up and keep going!

Well, I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the messages I received from many people In all social media As well as here in the comments section of the program, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Super Poker I’m really glad to have accomplished all these things And mainly for everything that we were able to show you, guys! I guess we were able to make a program That we could discuss diversified topics, not talking only about games, not talking only about Las Vegas But a program that we could discuss about WSOP About the technical part, other tournaments, the financial part Our daily routine, our lunch and dinner breaks, our laughs, our discussions, our mess, everything! I guess that was the outcome we could transmit We could transmit our life here, our routine, from the time we wake up till the moment we go to bed The highs and lows The problems and the good things, our celebrations The Final Table and everything we were able to accomplish here in Vegas But nothing would make any sense or any emotion if you weren’t there watching and sharing all with us So here is my “thanks” from the bottom of my heart for everyone who has participated with us from Brazil And had and kept this energy to help us go through this 45 days Not only playing, but working in every way And sharing with you everything we did Thank you guys! From the bottom of my heart!

A kiss for Brazil! Here we go, guys! So long! That’s it, guys! Our trip is coming to an end!

Almost 50 days in Vegas WSOP It’s been a very good trip! I’d like to thank everyone who has followed us throughout this 12 episodes It’s been really tough, but we like to do it It was something that added a lot to us And I believe you have enjoyed my journey with Foster as well It was good because you could see both of us together, each one in our own ways Each one taking a particularly decision, going to different tournaments I guess it was possible to understand how the life of a professional is Mainly because we took different paths throughout WSOP My trip was great! I arrived really well playing the fist tournament, Colossus We don’t call it homestretch, we call it deep run, right?

Placing between 50, 60, 40… Even more because there were 18,000 in Colossus Later I played 6-MAX, placing something like 50th There was also ARIA WPT with 3,800 people Later, needless to say, Main Event, right? Damn, I reached the Main Event DAY 5 This is my 10th year in a row in Vegas, playing WSOP I’m really proud of it! Since 2008, I come here to play WSOP tournaments that worth the bracelet And I had the happiness of being ITM in all these year, at least one per year I was always able to make my trip flow And I already joined a FT in 2011 A Main Event, although being here for 10 years, I played it only in 4 years It means that I didn’t play the Main Event in 6 years since I come here, so you can understand it’s not simple It’s not a matter of arriving here, playing everything, and that’s all… you have to manage it Some years are better, other are worst, some years you can make it, other you can’t Even because of the time you spend far from home So, the first I played in 2011 and now I played 2015, 2016 and 2017 And I ended up being ITM last year 2016 and in this year I reached DAY 5 So, I’m really, really happy with it This time spent away from the family isn’t easy I have a little daughter, I miss her a lot It hurts a lot We chose to stay in Rio, because the the hotel of the event So we can be close, focused to be within the pace I was able to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week to keep the body Or I would stay in that pace from the hotel room to the table, room to the table and it’s really bad for health I went to the gym 3 or 4 times a week at least Then I took a sunbath for half an hour to feel energized To receive some light and I tried to do these things I tried to be on regular basis, in order not to feel I was away from home That’s it, guys! I guess we could share with you the message!

Which meant to show you the daily routine of a professional poker player. I’d like to thank so much all the messages we received during this whole period All the comments in our videos And for those who hasn’t watched the previous episodes and is watching this one now Go check the others! Now, here is the airport! Finally, home here we go! Let’s go, Brazil!

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