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Any top sportsbook online would give super bowl odds to its registered members. New bettors registering for super bowl betting online would get attractive bonus in addition to live super bowl odds. Super bowl betting line and super bowl football betting odds futures are critical for a sports gambler to engage in super bowl football betting online. Collect highest super bowl parlay odds from any top sport book online and get all set to place your ultimate bet on the team of your choice.

A Football betting odds or line is expressed with a negative number or a positive number. When the line is negative, it indicates the amount we must bet to win $100. If it is positive, it indicates the amount we will win if we bet $100. For example, if the money line is -125, then we must bet $125 to win our $100 bet. If the money line were +135, then we would wager $100 to win $135.

If the NFL odds are expressed using an NFL football betting odds or line, the teams then don’t have to win by any particular number of points. Also, we don’t have to wager the exact amount as the money line number. We can wager an amount more or less than the given bet line. The payoff now becomes a proportional amount. For example, say you bet $12 on a money line of -120, and your bet wins, you win $10. Suppose you bet $50 on a money line of +130 and win, you will win $65.

Money line bets are popular particularly in NFL football betting. Here are some examples of how a football wager line works:

Example 1
Let’s take the case of the St. Louis Rams and the Baltimore Ravens. You want to wager on the chalk, i.e., the Rams. The Rams are listed at -110 and the Ravens at +110 on the money line. Now, say you place a $110 bet on the Rams. If the Rams win, you will win $100 (plus your original $110 wager). Suppose you bet on the underdog, i.e. the Ravens, and they won the game, you win $110 (plus your original $100 wager).

Example 2
Consider the above example. Suppose you wager $55 on the Rams. If they win, you will win $50 (plus your original $55 wager). If you bet $50 on the Ravens and they win, you win $55 (plus your original $50 wager).

Example 3
In the same example, let’s change the money line. Now, the Rams are listed at -165 and the Ravens at +145. You still favor the Rams and wager $165 on them. If they win, you will win $100 (plus your original $165 wager). If you bet $100 on the Ravens and they win, you would win $145 (plus your original $100 wager).
If the positive and negative numbers are the same for both teams on the money line, the amount you win will be the same, as illustrated in the first two examples. If the money line lists the teams with different numbers, then the winning amount will differ.

A betting line in football may be adjusted up to the beginning of the game. The sportsbook sets the initial gambling line. The betting line may be developed by the sportsbook or could be taken from an outside source. Sportsbooks do not put their own money at risk. Their goal is to make money from the vigorish for accepting sports bets. The lines and odds are adjusted by sportsbooks according to new information and the nature of the wagers they receive.

Another way of expressing the odds in NFL Football betting odds is totals. A total is posted and the wager is whether the total points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the posted total. In Pro Football betting odds and College football betting odds, the payoff for a winner is $100 for each $110 wagered unless mentioned otherwise. In Pro football betting and College Football betting using totals, the juice is put up as part of the wager. So for a $100 total bet, $110 will be wagered. This is a popular way of expressing a football betting line.

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