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According to local reports, Spanish lawyers are up and about in preparation for the Codere case, one of Spain’s gambling company which will be defending its territory against several European Union online casinos industries. Media reiterate that Codere will file a case against Bwin, an Australian online casino company and Real Madrid. The highly publicized case originated from an advert being run by Real Madrid in Spain, sponsored by Bwin. Codere claims that these actions are prohibited under the Unfair Competition Law, due to the fact that renowned foot ball club and Bwin are promoting sweeps.

The theory being that the actions were not authorized by the regulating Authority in Spain beforehand or were not even discussed under any constitutional provision and are not secured by the EU cross-borders regulations. This week, the Codere’s lawyers emphasized that certified land-based and online casino operators in Spain are not allowed to advertise, or in the event any company will do so it will be subject to stern regulations before it will be approve to release an advert. Codere added that the certified Spanish operators are capable of providing Internet gambling but are controlled by the local law to push through the act, which means that that these companies are incapable to compete on equal terms with overseas companies such as Bwin.

Currently, the national government of Spain is at the conclusive provisional phase to introduce new and liberated land-based and online casinos laws. The laws stipulated that sports sponsorship that was signed before 1 January 2011 will be considered legal.

Codere is a chief gambling company that has investments in Latin America and Europe. It supervises 53,000 gaming machines, 415 sports betting sites, 127 bingo halls, 13 land-based gaming clubs and 3 racetracks; Codere is also an
online casino provider in Italy and other countries.


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