Online Gambling Found Home in Manhattan

April 29, 2019 Casino News

It would seem that if you are looking to build a new online gambling franchise that Manhattan would be the place to go. Lots of money to be found, people are generally a let live sort of people, right? Well, it seems that many online gambling companies have had that same idea. Federal prosecutors have seized more than $717 million in online gambling operation assets as well as corporate fraudsters and drug traffickers over the course of last year. AndRead More

VEGAS TIME – Good Game

January 25, 2019 Casino News

…the Ceará Team is already released Tell them it’s not going to work, right? – No way, dude! – You’re laughing out of nowhere, right? you know, if you press his boobs you’ll get three of a kind Chenaud sent me a message Damn! Come on, dude! What? – Where are you staying? – Right on this side. – There? – Me too. What’s your table, dude? I’m among these dogs, there at the chicken house – Among dogs atRead More

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel Tour

November 26, 2018 Casino News

This month gallery takes us to the MGM Grand, a staple on the Strip after 20 years. The MGM Grand is marked by its trademark lion on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Tropicana Ave. Pull into the porte cochere at MGM Grand. The lobby welcomes guests with a round, open space and the MGM Grand’s iconic lion. A Stay Well room at the MGM Grand features clean and healthy amenities. The shower head is infused with vitamin C.Read More

Archie Karas and his gambling career

July 25, 2018 Casino News

Archie Karas says he has been a millionaire over 50 times and dead broke more times than he can count. From Greece, he immigrated to the United States. In a Los Angeles restaurant, He ended up as a waiter. His career move in high stakes gambling would earn him tens of millions of dollars and a reputation as arguably the greatest gambler of all time. For an incredible stretch of gambling from December 1992 to the beginning of 1995, thisRead More

Pro Football Betting Line

July 13, 2018 Sports Betting Tips

Any top sportsbook online would give super bowl odds to its registered members. New bettors registering for super bowl betting online would get attractive bonus in addition to live super bowl odds. Super bowl betting line and super bowl football betting odds futures are critical for a sports gambler to engage in super bowl football betting online. Collect highest super bowl parlay odds from any top sport book online and get all set to place your ultimate bet on theRead More

Take Advantage of Free Play

April 5, 2018 Paypal Casino

What free play can bring you benefits as beginners? Online gambling is in the news as being one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Many people who come across references to it want to try it out. Locating and accessing online casinos paypal is very simple. The problem is that these first time players are not familiar with the rules, strategies and procedures of online casino games. There are of course books and articles on the Internet butRead More

Online Gaming Associations

To maintain a relationship of trust between online casinos and players, independent organizations were founded. Online gaming associations are associations promoted by online gaming operators and online gaming software providers in order to promote the interests of the online gaming industry in a credible and independent manner. The online gaming industry operates in an external environment that consists of the players, governments and society at large. It is not possible for operators to interact with these agencies individually. Online gamingRead More

Step-By-Step Guide to Online Blackjack

March 18, 2018 Online Blackjack

A guide that explains step by step the principles of Blackjack In online blackjack the player aims to get a hand with a higher value than the dealer’s hand. But in the process if the player’s hand value goes over 21 he loses. The first step in our guide to online blackjack is to place a bet. The player needs to click the desired chip from the stack and then click on the betting area. This transfers the chip toRead More

Casino News

November 24, 2017 Casino News

Online Casino Titans Clash According to local reports, Spanish lawyers are up and about in preparation for the Codere case, one of Spain’s gambling company which will be defending its territory against several European Union online casinos industries. Media reiterate that Codere will file a case against Bwin, an Australian online casino company and Real Madrid. The highly publicized case originated from an advert being run by Real Madrid in Spain, sponsored by Bwin. Codere claims that these actions areRead More

Cover the Original Investment

September 22, 2017 Sports Betting Tips

I believe in the old “one in the hand is better than two in the bush” philosophy. It’s conservative but it works. Naturally you can use any amount for that backdoor hedge-off parlay. But at least cover that original $200 investment. I could write three hundred more criss-crossed spin-offs for teasers, Roundy’s, and parlays, even incorporating some flat plays but space does not allow it. Read my Sports Handicapping book or work it out yourself. It’s really quite simple, youRead More

The Roughest Sport to Handicap

September 13, 2017 Sports Betting Tips

Football is the king for attracting bettors and it is my humble opinion, the roughest sport to handicap. Pete Rozelle, the fabulous commissioner who probably is responsible for the success of this game, put it simply, “Parity is flagrant in our league!” He was right. Add to that the line that Benny the Book establishes for each contest and we are hard-pressed to get a handle on a winning play. I adhere to the “power vs. dog theory” as theRead More

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