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Cover the Original Investment

September 22, 2017 Sports Betting Tips

I believe in the old “one in the hand is better than two in the bush” philosophy. It’s conservative but it works. Naturally you can use any amount for that backdoor hedge-off parlay. But at least cover that original $200 investment. I could write three hundred more criss-crossed spin-offs for teasers, Roundy’s, and parlays, even incorporating some flat plays but space does not allow it. Read my Sports Handicapping book or work it out yourself. It’s really quite simple, youRead More

The Roughest Sport to Handicap

September 13, 2017 Sports Betting Tips

Football is the king for attracting bettors and it is my humble opinion, the roughest sport to handicap. Pete Rozelle, the fabulous commissioner who probably is responsible for the success of this game, put it simply, “Parity is flagrant in our league!” He was right. Add to that the line that Benny the Book establishes for each contest and we are hard-pressed to get a handle on a winning play. I adhere to the “power vs. dog theory” as theRead More

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